PREMIERE: Dominic J Marshall – Feeling

Today’s premiere is full of grooviness, and it comes from the talented, British based musician Dominic J Marshall the Darker Than Wax label out of Singapore. Accomplished pianist, producer, composer and a true veteran of the live circuit (he’s toured extensively, most notably with Cinematic Orchestra), this classically trained musician has developed a genuine sound that’s true to his roots. Whether it’s jazz, electronic soul, dub, psychedelia, and more, Marshall has a real knack for combining all elements (and then some) into special tracks. With no chains holding him back in any genre or sound, he’s been free to make a variety of terrific music as he goes along. And with this latest single, “Feeling” being a record that we are really, well, feeling, 2020 is looking to be a good one for him. The track has got this groove that just flows like, as Bruce Lee would say “water”. Filling all the aural gaps with spot on keys, drums, and just a breath of fresh air like an early summer day, “Feelings” gives you what you need to get you there. Think Herbie meets Flying Lotus with some Robert Walter thrown in for good measure. It’s a stroll through the jazz/electronic/ soul park and Marshall leads the way over a path of lush soundscapes and mellow funky get downs. It’s one that might have flown under your radar, but as we do here at FMF, we try to open your eyes to the music that you might not be privy to otherwise. We’re not music snobs but think of us as the people who want to guide you in the right musical direction, especially with a track like this. This one’s a keeper.

Listen to the track below, pre,iered here on Flea Market Funk:

More info on the label here.

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