Feeling This Friday: Black Pumas – Colors

Starting your weekend off right with the newest psychedelic soul darlings Black Pumas. Grammy-nominated (and you heard it here first!), these cats are taking off in a big way. Colemine Records is a label that likes to give back to the people, so here’s a seven inch that was originally included in the Vinyl Me, Please bundle from earlier this year. The label was able to score some so they could get this hot slab of wax into the loyal fan’s hands. Not disappointing at all, the live version of “Colors”, recorded at Arlyn Studios in Austin, TX bring chills down your spine. Ther Black Pumas are steady climbing the charts and the hearts of fans everywhere. If you have been digging them since the “Black Moon Rising” or this is new news to you, we will let you know that we’re feeling this 45 this Friday (and let’s face it, every day). The B-Side is a deep cover of “Eleanor Rigby” from the Fab Four done in a very live, heavy way. Both tracks are smashing and if you like your psychedelic soul like we do, then The Black Pumas are really going to hit home hard for you. Again, Colemine Records doing it and doing it well. The people’s champions of vinyl, they show no signs of stopping at any time soon. Check out both videos below, and then order the forty-five (get them quick they will not last!) from Colemine’s website.

Get the forty-five here from Colemine Records.

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