Pat Van Dyke + Jeff Taylor – Merry Christmas Baby

We are always looking for smooth ass, funky Christmas tracks to add to our turntable or holiday playlist. There are so many out there. So much that a guy like Bill Adler (Def Jam) is well known for his annual Christmas mixes. If you’re so lucky to be able to get them, then you’re ahead of the pack. If you are not, well, start putting one together for yourself. We are very fond of last year’s Khruangbin cover of ‘Christmas Time” and feel like you can never go wrong with an James Brown or Sharon Jones Christmas tune. Don’t sleep on the reggae X-Mas jams either, because Jacob Miller could really lay the holiday irie down for everyone. So for another year of treats, here’s New Jersey’s own Pat Van Dyke aka PVD alongside Jeff Taylor with a future stone-cold holiday classic. “Merry Christmas Baby”, an original written and performed by PVD (with our man Zac Colwell on sax) is most definitely a slow burner of holiday soul. It moves along nicely, with Taylor’s vocals leading the charge on Christmas traditions large and small. This is definitely one for your holiday parties this year. So whether you’re firing up that Spotify playlist or going old school with your 160gb iPod, this one needs to be on the list for sure. You’ll be able to stream the track (not on vinyl yet, but hopefully) via PVD’s bandcamp, where you can purchase the track as well. Support your local music scene and local artists doing big things.

Get the track here.

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