Kerbside Collection – Traffic

The ever on-point Spasibo Records out of Russia has been cranking out a lot of quality records over the years. From rap to funk to soul and more, it’s a well-rounded label that has a little something for the vinyl record champion no matter where they are. It’s great that they got this slice of funky pie out before the end of the year. This time their travels brought them to Brisbane, Australia where they linked up with the Kerbside Collection for their latest seven inch of grooves. This two-sided heater has moods for days. The A-Side, “Traffic” is a modern funk jam that packs a punch. Heavy drums, on-point horn section, and a funky feeling that rushes through the veins from start to finish. It’s got that Stax Records meets Ann Robinson’s “You Did It” feel going on. But, when that flute kicks in (you know we’re suckers for the flute) all bets are off. Kerbside is off to the races with this one folks. But they didn’t just stop at a funky good time. The B-Side, “Cajun Jolluf” right away has a bass line that could be Joe Jackson’s “Sunday Papers”, but then immediately stretches out to some down-home funky reggae and keeps stretching it ’til it can’t stretch no mo’! Great piano work throughout, Dr. John would be proud if he were to hear this one. We love The Big Easy meets Kingston influences/ sounds throughout this track. You get both moods here: upbeat and a low key chill on the flip. Listen to both sides and order the forty-five after the stream. Spasibo Records for the win once again.

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