Feeling This Friday: Kid Acne feat. Spectacular Diagnostics – Bubble Goose Empire

It’s Friday and man are we feeling this right about now. Kid Acne, artist, illustrator and emcee based out of the United Kingdom is back again with hot heat for your ear holes. He spent his formative years writing graffiti, publishing his own fanzines, and experimenting with making hip hop music. He has designed record sleeves with his own hand, with mad artist skills that have propelled him to having his images on some of the world’s most popular branded products. Making music in South Yorkshire and simultaneously painting there as well, he’s back with an epic track “Bubble Goose Empire” off his latest effort called Have A Word. This slow burner of UK hip hop features lo-fi banging beats that clatter like Hasney Aljofree when he was stopping some skinny forward charging towards the goal. This track is a great introduction to this Northern thumper. If you’re just getting around to checking out Kid Acne, then we suggest you rewind selectah and grab his “South Yorks” or ‘Worst Luck” video as well. Top notch sounds coming from the Kid. This is some real deal hop, and if you like your beats hard with a bit of a throwback feel and nod to the classics than this is the song for you. As for the new stuff, we are hipping you to this record that just came out recently that needs to be played loud. We’ve got a sneaky feeling that “Bubble Goose Empire” is going to get some spins from the B-Boys and backpack rap champions everywhere. Another winner to end your week with. Check out the track below:

Get the record here.

Dig Deeper!

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