Feeling This Friday: Brainstory and the Sound of 2019

It seems that over the last couple of years, Big Crown Records has distanced itself from the pack of record labels it came up with. Sure they still have a firm grip on funk and soul, but they have really started to plant roots down in boogie, sundrenched independent soul-rock, psych, garage, and even reggae. You see, good music is good music and honestly, Big Crown has been delivering some of the best music in 2019 hands down. Whether it’s Lady Wray, Paul and the Tall Trees, Lee Fields, El Michels Affair, Bobby Oroza, 79.5, The Shacks, or Brainstory among others, the label goes straight for the musical jugular and just lays down tracks that resonate with a population of music heads, DJs, and vinyl record champions who just want something completely different that they hear every day. Brainstory is just that. They call their sound Buck, and you might be asking what Buck is. Well, if you must…..

Buck is a state of mind, a way of life, a demeanor that gets you through the good times and the bad. If you ask Brainstory, It is also the energy that permeates their debut album.

Call it rock, call it soul, call it funk. They are calling it Buck. And that’s ok with us. This music is a vibe, it’s West Coast low rider vibes meets gritty East Coast swagger. It’s the sound of 2019 coming out of your speakers. It feels and sounds good. So we’ll take the sounds that they have given us here and run with it. It’s so smooth, so heavy with feeling, we can guarantee it’ll be played for a long, long time. Check out the Brainstory sound from their debut record on Big Crown, Buck. Definitely feeling this Friday, and most of 2019 when it came out.

Buy the record here.

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