The Circle of Confusion – Yesterday Was History

Rocafort Records are ending 2019 in a simlar fashion that they started the last year of the decade, by releasing a deep roots reggae record. Grabbing the man they call Cornell Campbell (legendary Studio 1 vocalist), The Circle of Confusion blow down the doors will a socially conscious, outer space dub of a platter. While Campbell waxes poetic about peace and love, the Circle get down to business and control the vibe to the fullness. At 73 years of age, Cornell Campbell really is still a driving force in reggae music, showing no slowing down, no cracking, and the ability to really steer this ship to musical greatness. The Circle of Confusion are a prime example of modern roots reggae. Recorded in 2019 but with all the studio sounds as if they were in the early to mid ’70s. While it may contain a little extra digital production, the record has the spirit of vintage roots reggae through and through. The record itself is just as close in sound as the previous seven inch released earlier in the year, but let’s face it, the label and band have got the reggae recipe down (just like Desmond Dekker did). That is something you do not change or mess with. A clear case of it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. The Swiss production team of Seb.K (Shakedown Productions) and Phil’eas (Black Diamond Sound) aka The Circle of Confusion recorded this record on the day of Mandela’s passing, so there’s the extra humanity feels put into their already conscious driven records. The flip is, of course, the version of the track, a deeply crucial part of any reggae record and it hits just as hard (if not harder) than the vocal. well done TCOC! Listen to both sides below:

Get the record here.

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