Flea Market Funk’s Records of The Year Part 1

I can’t believe that 2019 is almost over. It’s been a really great year for music here at Flea Market Funk. We’ve seen some incredible records come through our desk in the one nine, so as the end of the decade approaches, we thought we’d recap our favorite sides we’ve written about in a different way. In previous years, we have taken the records we review during the year and broken them into categories: funk, soul, reggae, hip hop, beats, reggae, reissues, etc. This year, however, we have chosen to do something different. We’re picking twenty of our favorite reviews and putting them as our Best of 2019. No categories whatsoever, just twenty records we feel were the best on the site this past year. These are our opinions, and although a lot of people knock the year-end lists as elitist or just plain snobbish, we are not snobs at all. We’re merely a vessel that passes on the music and some good vibrations from our screen to your ears with hopes that you will support these fine, hardworking artists that give us this incredible music. Of course, we are not able to review everything in music, but we feel that these releases hit the DJ/ producer and vinyl champion sets, and it’s definitely important for these artists music to reach as many ears as possible. So if you have supported the site in the past by buying what you heard, good on you. If this is your first trip around our parts (better late to the party then never!), welcome, and enjoy this year-end list. We’re happy to have you and feel free to support the music you like on the site. We work really hard to bring you these records, and appreciate the support of our readers throughout the year!

Here’s the first five of Flea Market Funk’s Best of 2019.

Cochemea: “All My Relations”

Kelly Finnigan: “I Don’t Want To Wait”

Brain Story: “Dead End” b/w “Mnemophobia”

The Pendletons feat. Howard Johnson: “You Do You”

Renaldo Domino feat. Lone Ranger: “Never Thought”

Stay tuned for five more bangers!

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