The Thompsons – I’ll Get Over It

It’s soul time today children, and Brewerytown Beats are back at it again unearthing more gems after their last Philly related record by Sounds of Liberation, right out their city of Philadelphia, PA. Known for giving us some of the best soul music out there, there was just as much heartbreak in the music business as there was success in the City of Brotherly Love. These tireless bands worked the grind night in and night out, hoping that they could get that break, put out a record, and share their soulful melodies around the globe. Reality check. This didn’t always happen. Such was the case with this Philly rarity. Today’s goodness is the highly sought after 1975 jawn from The Thompsons “I’ll Get Over It”. Originally self-released on the BCW label (with a mere 300 records pressed then), it’s one of the rarest of the rare Philadelphia soul records. This is a family album from North Philly of heartache, sadness, and soul that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck is now available from Brewerytown Beats. Shades of The O’Jays, The Stylistics, Curtis, and Marvin among others run through this record, and if you are a soul fan (and have not run across talk about this rare chestnut), you most certainly are in luck. Our fave track on the whole record is the closer “Gotta Get Down To Ever Get Up”. Heavy, funky soul that grooves. We’d like to see this one reissued on 45! The entire record was put together by Brewerytown with the original producers, and besides the fantastic soul coming out of your speaker, it’s been given a special treatment with a gatefold cover, brand-new liner notes, never seen before group photos, and limited edition color vinyl. There will also be a separate forty-five that includes the opener on the record “Message”, remixed by legendary Philly soul DJ FROZ1. The band has not performed since the early 1980s, but there is some talk that we might see The Thompsons on stage in 2020 with help from Brewerytown Beats owner Max. It’s all connected. The music, the store, located blocks from the West Girard childhood home of The Thompsons, and the Philly soul tradition that still sings loud and clear as quite evident on this record we have before us. Listen to the record below and purchase the record after the stream. Brewerytown Beats for the win!

Get the record here.

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