Robert Ouimet – Get On Board Ep

Start your week off right here on a Monday (Sunday’s gone baby!) with a reworking of the Yellow Sunshine classic “Get On Board” by the Godfather of Montréal Disco Robert Ouimet. Laying the foundation in Montréal, which if you didn’t know was the second biggest disco city in North America (second to, of course, to NYC), he definitely one of the most influential disc jocks during that period in the city (and beyond). So, it would be wise to pay attention to this edit, as his past work (see the Basic Fingers edits out of Sweden or the Love Disco Ep out of the UK) is pretty damn nice. Ouimet makes his debut on the GAMM label and it’s quite an entrance. This New York City disco B-Boy funk classic (we could go on…) is a track that completes any night when it’s played at the busiest time of the evening. It’s quite a feat to really try and make this classic budge a bit, but Ouimet does a bang-up job of the rework. If you’re not really down with the GAMM catalog, you might have a little catching up to do. Along with this danceable, B-Boy anthem, there are so many dope tracks that run the gamut from disco to hip hop to beats to funk and beyond. These edits are from producers all around the globe and are definitely an asset to any DJ arsenal. Whether it’s re-licks, re-edits, and beyond, we’ve for sure been digging exactly what GAMM Enterprises has been putting down or a minute. Check out “Get On Board Below” and pre-order the record, available January 24th on GAMM.

Pre-order the record here.

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