Feeling This Friday: Sunny Daze feat. Grand Puba – I Like It

This one goes out to all the cats who were nodding their heads with a Bubble Goose and a Carhart hat and some Loudpack in your back pocket. This one is for all those cats today who are stuck in the slow lane cocaine flow. Wake up! There no doot doot doot doot doot, but you’re going to liiiike it. Here’s a trip back to Strong Branch or LB, aka Long Branch, NJ where Sunny Daze was crushing it with their jazzy hip hop influenced grooves, playing around Asbury Park like no other band at the time. They were made up of some veteran players and had one Chris Lawland aka DJ C Reality (of Flip The Script Radio) on the ones and two straight killing it. This was a time when this very author played in a band called Deviants of Reality doing the same DJ duties as Lawland. But that is for another day, we’re here to talk about this live version of Grand Puba’s “I Like It” with Sunny Daze providing the groove for the classic track. Just as fresh as it did back then, it’s a great version of the song. Live instrumentation, Puba flowing like water and back up vocals that are as sultry as you can get, Sunny Daze really knew how to lay it down. They also did a similar track with The Artifacts, but that is something else that will have to be for another time as well. Could it be they stayed away too long? They are back in spirit on this track and Puba is looser than a crackhead’s hair weave. Listen to the studio version and then check out the video from the Good For You Record release party in 2012. Classics never get old, they just get better. This version is top-notch.

Here’s a clip of them doing it live.

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