The KB’s – Doing It To Death

Well, it wouldn’t be another year here at the Funk without getting some JB or JB related records through the mail slot. This one just squeaked in at the beginning of the year so of course, if it has to do with The Godfather of Soul we are going to let it fly high and mighty here. The KB’s aka Karate Boogaloo, the rhythm section of Melbourne soul burners The Cactus Channel are back with a limited edition forty-five for you to groove to. You heard their two mixtape records previously and we’re happy to see a seven inch come on by like Bootsy on acid trying not to get fined for missing a note. Staying true to their KB manifesto and the epitome of what funk is with this original line-up J.B.’s track, they’ve declare you are gonna have a funky good time with this one. It’s a huge track on its own and lo and behold Karate Boogaloo do their thing, change keys halfway through and proceed to shred this thing like an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo on Van Halen I. It’s a really great take on one of the best funk tracks ever made: “Doing It To Death”. A bit slower with a KB style twist and that aforementioned key change, they solidify themselves in history with this cover. We have to say, it’sone of the better versions of this we have heard (as if you can ever hold a candle to Fred, Maceo, Jabo & company anyway, everyone is just second best at this point because there will never be a time like that in music, but still). Don’t believe us? Get into those drums and organ baby, and listen to it just groove. We are quite sure you will love it (and that drum break too!). To boot, the flip, “Booger’s Season” is a dope track as well. You might recognize the stabs throughout. Stream the record below and order it because they only pressed up 200! Dig.

Get the record here.

Dig Deeper!

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