The Hustle Is Real Documentary

At the end of the Summer, I wrote an op-ed here at Flea Market Funk about DJing not being glamorous. I got emails from DJs who were feeling the same way. I got messages from non DJs who had no idea of the hustle and struggle we go through as artists trying to make a living in the creative space. Like I said in that feature: “The Hustle Is Real”. So with that, I am humbled and honored to present a short documentary from filmmaker Thomas Draudt of the same name. Thom filmed me in various locations DJing and speaking candidly about my day to day as a DJ, the ups and downs, the struggle of being creative and trying to find your place in this world, as well as what a working-class DJ is. I have to be honest and say that I am blown away at the support I’ve gotten only after one day of the release. This documentary is not really about me, it’s about us. It’s about all of us who do what we love. It’s about loving what you do and making sacrifices to keep doing it. Make no mistake, this is not a job for everyone. It’s not glamorous. It’s not easy. The hours can suck.

This film is a tribute to everyone who pursues their passion no matter how high the odds are stacked up against them. -Thomas Draudt, Director

The travel can suck, too (ever sit in traffic for 4 hours to get to a gig in the middle of aNJ Summer?) It ruins relationships. It causes hardships. The money is there, then it’s not. You have to keep moving every day or you will be forgotten. These are the facts. Don’t believe me? Think back and say: “Remember that DJ (so and so)? Man, he was dope, where is he now?” If I do not keep doing my thing, the thing I’m good at, the thing that brings me so much joy (that feeling when you find that record you can’t wait to play out or when you drop an unknown or record you dig to a packed house and they go nuts), I’m forgotten. I might as well be dead because that’s where my career will go. I’m not speaking about staying relevant. I don’t need to be playing the latest radio bangers to stay relevant, because let’s face it, no one wants to see a DJ like me playing Lil’ Baby and dancing around like Puffy in the ’90s. I’m speaking on keeping longevity via the creative juices flowing. Trying to stay ahead of the curve and doing your own thing. That’s the hustle. This documentary is a win not just for me, but for all of us. You can stream the film in its entirety at the link below and if you dig it, please share. Thanks for all of the support all these years and looking forward to keeping the good vibes flowing.
Watch The Hustle Is Real here.

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