Jason Joshua & The Beholders – Alegría y Tristeza

Today we have the long-awaited and highly anticipated Lp from one of our fave soul voices to come across the turntable in a long time. Jason Joshua & The Beholders bring the heat from Miami, FLA and the gritty and rawness of real soul music from New York City on their debut album on Mango Hill Records. We’ve seen a few of the forty-fives leading up to this, “Rosegold” and “I Don’t Care”, plus a bonus video for “Evangeline” which were all done masterfully and had a huge impact in the soul scene. So with more tracks that complete Alegría y Tristeza , this long-player is already a candidate for year-end 2020 best of from the very beginning. The remaining sides pack a punch that you can feel for days. “Are You Ready”, a mid-tempo groover that really feels like ’73 instead on ’20 has us ready for action, while the slow burner “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down” is like a low rider instrumental jump-off, late-night slow jam dance with the top down, doors open in the parking lot and stereo blasting. “Hurts So Bad” is more pure, uncut sweetness in sadness, while “Poor Boy” is a woeful tale of poverty that somehow you have no problem nodding your head to over beautiful percussion and that organ that brings a tear to your eye while you’re dancing. This record is solid from start to finish and will make the toughest thug stop in his tracks when he hears it. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that we all can relate to at one point or another. It’s real soul music coming straight from La Voz De Oro (The Golden Voice) aka Jason Joshua. Recorded in Miami and mastered by music industry royalty by Alex Abrash, who’s worked with Marvin Gaye and The Fania All-Stars, this record is steady on repeat. The soul bar has been set high so far people, and if you want to know who’s on top this early in the year, it’s Jason Joshua & the Beholders. The record is available on January 31st on Mango Hill Records. Dulce y crudo por todo el mundo. Listen below:

Pre-order Alegría y Tristeza here.

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