Monophonics – Chances

New year, new musical chances for many artists. One group that has really made the most of these chances are Monophonics. With the first new material since 2015 and the terrific Lp Sound Of Sinning, it’s like they have never even gone away. This first single “Chances” off of their newest release It’s Only Us slated for a March 13th release, is more intense heat for the turntable. Their own brand of genuine soul blended with some psychedelic action has helped them climb the mountain that is this music industry. They’ve been building up a loaded backpack of music, songwriting, production, and touring to conquer that said mountain (with momentum also from Kelly Finnigan’s debut solo record). It’s been hard work to get up that hill baby, but Monophonics have found the right route. “Chances” is a proven winner and further proof that the route they chose is the route to success. With hints of Curtis all through this track, it’s definitely sweet soul. But listen closely to those crisp drums, which give it a Northern soul feel as well, perhaps even to be sampled in a ’90’s hip hop kind of way. Horn stabs, vibraphone, and of course, Kelly Finnigan’s voice weaving the love woes is just the flag on top of this soulful summit they have conquered and called their own. Soul music is alive and well with Monophonics and we’ve got it right here. Available 2/7/14 on 45 rpm and green vinyl (limited to 1000 copies). Listen to the record below and pre-order the 45 after the stream.

Pre-order the record from Colemine here.

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