Altered Tapes – Cherchez

There is a reason James Brown is one of, if not the most sampled artist in the history of hip hop. In the studio or live (check out the last live performance Lp released by Now Again! if you haven’t) the Godfather of Soul will never be topped in any capacity on performance or catalog. Shit man, the dude invented funk and is synonymous with the genre for infinity. That being said, we have had some great James Brown related projects as of late. The Amerigo Gazaway J.B. & The Soulmates edits with Biggie are done so damn well it’s scary. So, if you feel like you’re sick of JB, you better listen to this one from Altered Tapes. It’ll keep your faith in him if you think he’s been played out. We here at FMF say JB all day, so for us, it honestly was something that we want to pass on if it hasn’t been heard it yet. This one is coming back from 2018, but now on vinyl from Heat Rock. “Cherchez” is the fourth release from the label and it pairs up the great JB with Ghostface’s “Cherchez Le Ghost”. The Chicago duo do a great job of flipping the original of both to come out with an uptempo, b-boy banger. The forty-five includes both the vocal and instrumental, so you’ve got both covered for the dance floor. Like Breakbeat Lou says, “Doubles are a must!”, so grab two if you wanna rock it like that. Check out the track below, and pre-order the record, available on February 14th via Fat Beats.

Pre-Order from Fat Beats here, out 2/14/19.

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