Rita Ray – Old Love Will Rust

Here’s something we got in the tail end of 2020 that we saved to start the new year and new decade off with. The debut record from singer/ composer Rita Ray, Old Love Will Rust on Funk Embassy Records out of Estonia is THAT record that has flown under the radar. It’s a beautiful trip through blue-eyed soul, rhythm and blues, and disco heat that to be perfectly honest, we’re going to need to get through the next 363 days left. Ray is a small town choir singer with a solid foundation in jazz, but tough enough with the experience from the big city to be able to deliver the lyrics as well as the music (she’s all over this record’s credits) that built this soon to be modern soul classic. Joined by Martin Laksberg of Lexsoul Dancemachine on production (Solid Gold baby!), this record is tender and tough, with enough grit to make the soul stick to your body for the duration. Ray’s vocals are soothing and sweet too, as evidenced on sides like “Lover Man” and “A Fool For Loving You”. Those two, along with “How Much Can A Small Heart Take” and “Losing It” are giving us a strong Amy Winehouse vibe, much needed since we lost her those years ago. There are traces of other inspiration in these tracks as well. We hear Aretha shine through too, and this Estonian Queen of Soul really nails it right on the head. We mentioned disco before, and the side “Disco Stu” is that soulful, late 70’s, heavy string and percussion filled track we can get behind at home and on the dance floor. On the whole, this record is amazing, Well produced and a great way to start the new year, this one gets maximum spins. Don’t believe us, please have a listen or twenty at the bandcamp stream below. Then support the artist at the purchase link after the stream. Rita Ray. Remember the name, she’s going to be here for a while.

Get the record here.

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