New Year…Who Dis?

Rolling into 2020, it’s a new year, a new decade, and as we approach our thirteenth anniversary here at Flea Market Funk (thirteen years, where does the time go?), we are looking forward to the ’20. We’re very appreciative of the support you, the readers have given us throughout the years. It’s not easy to do this day in and day out, keep up with life, kids, sickness, and everything else that is thrown our way. Like Gangstarr though, it’s a daily operation, and we know no other way than to just grind it out. We’ve got some really great things lined up this year. In a few weeks, we will have a hard opening at a specialty coffee shop in Hoboken, NJ in the front of Antique Bar & Bakery. I’ve linked up with Rabble & Lion Coffee to develop a private, in house brand for a coffee shop/ cafe called Hoboken & Sons. The concept is to celebrate the rich, working-class history of Hoboken through one of a kind garments, specialty coffee, and other items for sale while we are pulling the best coffee in the City. I’ve also currently curated a batch of vinyl records that we are selling in the cafe in flipbins that you can browse while you’re hanging out listening to records playing on our vintage Harmon Kardon system with 1960’s A/R speakers. We’ll have a nice selection of music/ lifestyle magazines and other items (Field Notes, etc.) to further enhance the experience. The cafe will be selling pastries/ donuts that are first-come, first-served from local business as well as made in house. Some of you have come through these last six weeks while we were dialing in stuff and the response has been really great so far. Thank you for that. The cafe will be open on the weekends only, for now, so give us a follow on IG @hobokenandsons to keep up with the goings-on in vinyl & coffee in the Mile Square City.

We also wanted to leave you with a few records we didn’t cover on the site this past year but have been consistently in heavy rotation for us (in no particular order):

Michael Kiwanuka
Freddie Gibbs + Madlib: Bandana
The Free Nationals: Free Nationals
The Philharmonik: S/T

Looking forward to a prosperous and dope 2020. Thanks for riding with us!


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