FMF Best of 2019 Part 3 + Record Of The Year

Well we finally made it. In a matter of hours, 2019 will be history. Here are the remaining ten (of the top twenty) records we felt stood out on the digital pages of Flea Market Funk this year. The records are in no particular order, just great enough to stand out from the pack. Now let’s be clear, all the music we review on the site we feel is great, but again, these are the best of the best of what we saw this year come across our desk and turntable. Feel free to support these independent artists by buying a record if they are available.

Tawaiah: “Recreate”

Ralph Weeks y Combo Lulo: “Algo Muy Profundo

Hector Plimmer: “Next To Nothing”

Jukka Escola: “Steamy:

Danvers: “Light Movements”

The Black Pumas: “Colors” (Live)

Elite Beat: “Selected Rhythms”

Synthia:”Tonight You Might”

DJ Format & The Simonsound: “The Peruvian”

Liam Bailey: “Champion”

Thank You for sticking around for more than a dozen years and trusting us here at Flea Market Funk to bring you music that flies under the radar and helps fuel DJ nights around the world. Thanks to all the artists and labels who released some big records in 2019. Without your hard work and effort, we couldn’t bring these sounds to the people. 2020 is looking to be a stellar year for Flea Market Funk as well, with some big projects coming up (and a HUGE announcement next week). So stay tuned. Peace, love, and prosperity to all as we head into this new decade…

-Prestige/ 12.31.19

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