Synthia: Tonight You Might

There are artists and labels who do it right, then there are artist and labels who do it right. That’s Big Crown. They’re jumping off into the world of Boogie Synth-Pop with a new group on the label called Synthia. Sort of a super group, they’ve got the sultry siren Lady Wray on vocals while the on point production is taken over by the ever reliable producing of Leon and Homer. With two sides of absolutely perfect dance floor goodness, the future is looking bright for the label moving into this area. Boogie business is good business, let’s face it, and on the A-side, Lady Wray takes it up a notch. “Tonight You Might” get lucky boys, as the Lady takes you to on the experience of a life time. The tune itself is so damn tough, it’s got that mid to high 90’s tempo bpm wise, plus a late night steez that’s a winner in our books. We’ve been riding hard for Lady Wray since the beginning, and while we dig her soulful stuff, we have to say we hope she steps into the areana a bit more with sides like this. The back beat, synths, and overall feel of the track is spot on. The flip, “Dissolve” is an uptempo instrumental for maximum dance floor hotness. Saxophone provided by the one and only El Michels, with Homer Steinweiss programming the drums as only he can: with the dopeness. All in all, we like where this is going Big Crown Records, let’s see some more! Check out “Tonight You Might” below, and order the 45 after the stream.

Get the forty five here.

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