Crate Digging Co-Op: Stove Top Sevens Slip Mats + Mix Bundle

Since we love vinyl records, we’re always excited when some specific vinyl record items become available to the masses. Seven inch slip mats are nothing new, but whatever seven slip mat you like (currently there are a lot to choose from), we are sure you have not seen any slip mats like these. The good people over at the Crate Digging Cooperative have put out a new pair of custom slip mats to go along with their exclusive Stove Top Sevens Mix, selected and mixed by rchecka. Two red hot burners adorn these slips, because, you know, you’re always dropping heat on the turntables on 45. Speaking of, the mix that is included in the bundle is hot fire. Featuring funk bands like The M-Tet, Soul Surfers, Breakdown Brass and more, this one is destined to be a stone cold classic in years to come. These slip mats were made in an extremely limited quantity (seriously, only 20 pairs made), so if this is your bag baby, feel free to grab them and get busy with a stack of 7″s on the 1s and 2s. It’s always great to see these kinds of projects popping up, DJs who are furthering the art and the culture by contributing to it with products and mixes like this (on CD no less!). Repping the little guys of the industry (like we have been doing for a dozen years +), if you’re looking for the giants of modern funk, then look no more. Shout out to rchecka for helping to further the culture with the site and this project. Check out a sample of the mix below, then order the bundle after the video. Support independent artists like the ones who are on this mix, and also support the independent DJ, who works heard to not only break these records, but spread them to the world with love. As the slip mat says: “Warning- Grooves are hot, go ahead and touch.”

Stovetop Sevens Modern Funk Mix Sampler by rchecka

Get the bundle and other goodies here.

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