Soul Surfers: Summer Madness Parts 1 + 2

If you were introduced to the original track by the seminal Philly summer season jawn “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince”, then you no doubt searched for that De-Lite 45 or the full length from Kool & the Gang while digging in the field. This record is an all time fave here at Flea Market Funk and a classic among crate diggers and collectors alike. So we’re happy to report that even though Summer is technically over (put those white pants away), this all time recognizable track gets funked up from up North by everyone’s favorite funk outfit the Soul Surfers. Bringing new life to this side they get, of course, super funky with this one. No driving two miles an hour in the park people, we’re talking elevation of the song. The synths are tight and the drum beats are out of sight. In other words, this one is a winner. But they are not done. We’ve got part two as well and it starts off like hot fire with some delicious drums and just goes on until the break of dawn from there. We are super excited about this one, which we would have liked to have seen in JUne, but I like that it’s dropped now that the Summer is over, extending the warm seasons by lighting up everyone’s turntables with extra heat mid–September. If this is the first time you’ve ever heard this song, then enjoy and definitely explore the original as well. If not, you know how much of a fire record the original is. This one steps it up funk wise and gives that respectful nod to Kool. Listen to both tracks below.

Get the record, out on Ubiquity Records here,

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