Feeling This Friday: Gang Starr – Family And Loyalty

What more can we say about this new Gang Starr track? Taken away from us way too soon, Guru shows how influential his flow still is on this new Gang Starr track “Family And Loyalty” which features the talented J.Cole and of course the unmistakable production of the one and only DJ Premier. His signature samples, cuts, and drums reassure you that Gang Starr was and still is one of the best that has ever done it. With a smoothed out back beat clocking in at about 92 BPMs, and well shit, it could be ’92, this is a really dope track. The only signal that it wasn’t recorded in 2019 is the Robin Leach shout out. But for those who dig the clique, it’s not going to matter at all.

J. Cole, who’d a thought you woulda been rhyming with ghosts?/Guru flows forever like a diamond that most/Could never afford the precious jewels

It’s eerie to hear new material from Guru, but man we’re happy to have it. And J, Cole? He’s one of the best voices of his generation. The two of them together are seriously a perfect match. “Diamonds are like your grandma, you always call m’aam.” Chock full of old hip hop samples you’ll recognize, this song will bring you back to that time. And by that time we mean any time that made you go “Oh Shit!” and feel good. When I first heard “Family and Loyalty”…..

Check out the track below, it’s a certified banger.

Rest In Power Guru, we are excited to hear more of this project,

Dig Deeper!

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