Elite Beat – Selected Rhythms

Today we travel to the Left Coast (which some say is the best coast) and hit up Portland, Oregon with the very talented Elite Beat. A musical collective since 2006, today’s project Selected Rhythms encompasses their first three, very limited, finest moments from their cassette series entitled Casual Rhythms. Lo-fi with a punch these tracks are filled with do it yourself dubs, rhythms that are raw and percussive, as well as a grip of cosmic orchestration that will have you dropping the needle on it again and again. Using the studio as an instrument itself, the music is done and recorded on a analog mixer with plenty of FX and dub styles thrown in (recorded in real time) with a free form and expressive approach to the music. Think sound system and dub culture, where riddims and music flow freely like water, coming together in a cosmic symphony of drum and bass. With a tight knit group of pros in their own right, this clique of musicians gets together once a week to hang, lay down tracks, and let the creativity flow. This recording process has been quite successful as you hear on the tracks put before you. Grabbing bits of everything from Summer of Love Haight Ashbury, Ethio-Jazz, Black Ark Experiments, Psychedelia, Exotica, and Malian Blues among others, they have put forth one of our favorite projects of the year. In fact, we can not wait to get this thing on the turntable, light up something nice, and float away on their cosmic journey to another place. This my friends, is what music is all about. The Elite Beat have found the right formula to make your brain feel good, and we love it.

Pre-order the record here, out Nov. 8th on Research Records.

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