Superlover Cee and Casanova Rud – Got “Em Locked (Monk’s Mix)

This one is short and sweet for Tuesday. This eternal, hevay, late ’80’s hip hop banger with a capital B is going to be reissued soon. So of course, in anticipation of this monumental event, Monk-One takes the track and reworks it like he doesall day erry day. “Got “Em Locked (Monk’s Mix)” is one maybe that you should have in your collection on some capacity. Pretty much available just for your listening pleasure, Monk grabs the acapella and runs it with some heavy drums and the like. The like is a sweetly crafted golden age re-lick that we dare you to play just once. Not going to happen friends, you’ll be pushing it like Salt N’ Pepa all day long. Perhaps you’ll even attempt to do the James Brown? We hope so. Listen to the track below, and keep your eyes and ears out for more gems from the man they call Monk-One.

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