Los Santos Caballeros – The Chase

With enough dynamite to blow up a bridge, Los Santos Caballeros come through with enough funky stuff to keep the heads bobbing and the feet moving on their debut on Kansas City’s Sunflower Soul Records. The studio project of the Groove King Production team of Branden Moser and Cole Bales, these two band mates in Instant Karma! and The Freedom Affair have come up with a cracker of a forty five. Both tracks on this seven inch are on a soundtrack to a fictional film called Chico Is The Man, set to come out in full later this year. Sunflower Soul give us a little bit of that soundtrack in the first single “The Chase”. Full of wah wah guitar, heated horns, and a lot of fatback drums, we’re eager to hear exactly what more this soundtrack has in store. Chugging along at around 106 beats per minute and just under three minutes, it packs a wallop in your ears. The horn section + solos are tight as hell, and this thing builds up hard for maximum carnage in your ears before it comes to a screeching halt, because, Chico is definitely the man. The flip, “The Walk” comes in a bit slower, but still carries those heavy horns and percussion throughout, again, a just under three minute side. Great stuff on the B, so props to Los Santos Caballeros and Sunflower Soul for getting this out to the ears of the public. There will be 500 copies pressed with a full color folder, bonus! Stream both sides below and pre-order after the theme.

Pre-order the record here.

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