Sebastian Fraye – Film Exercises Pt. 1: Cuts & Transitions

We first visited Sebastian Fraye way back, when he put out Volume 1. a great bastion of cuts, beats, samples, and 24 tracks of short and to the point sides that were captured on vinyl. He went on to put out Volume 2 on Cold Busted to more applause. He’s now back once again with another project for your ears. This time, Film Exercises Pt. 1: Cuts & Transitionsare a collection of twenty arrangements that were inspired by ‘cinematic moments in our daily lives’. While every person’s life is different, these tracks can easily be applied to the day in and day out of our lives, because if you look at yourself and listen closely to these tracks, it can feel like we are watching a movie everyday. We all have moments when we shake our heads and ask “Is this really real?” I don’t know anyone whose life is perfect; a single soul who doesn’t have the ups and downs of life. The downs are part of the journey, the ups are too. Fraye does a great job once again of illustrating these points through out the twenty tracks, all which range from forty one seconds to three minutes and twenty seconds in length. While it may be a different aural trip he’s taking you on this time, the music has meaning. It’ll make you nod your head, pause it, rewind, then listen again. This designer is just as adept with making sonic landscapes as he is with his graphics. With plans of getting it on vinyl later this year or early next year, you’ll have to grab the digital while you can. RIYL abstract beats, instrumental hip hop, left field rhythms, and obscure samples. Listen to the project below and order after the stream.

Order the project here.

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