Feeling This Friday: Skinshape – I Didn’t Know

It’s Friday, and of course we want to pass on some sweet stuff that we have been feeling lately here at Flea Market Funk. We love to do this because we dig all kinds of music, and this is a perfect way to share what we’ve been bumping in the office, the studio, the car, etc. Today’s goodness comes from Lewis Recordings own Skinshape out of Britain. With a dubby, psychedelic soul sound, Skinshape completely nails this record. Floating to the edge of your mind’s eye, the track has just enough to start or end the night, with plenty of room in between these points to completely do what you have to do. It’s really up to you. Skinshape is the vehicle that takes you there with lovely guitars and an eerie back beat plus vocals that are really top notch. Call it experiemntal or what you will, when those strings kick in and fade out, your trip is over. Sort of our soundtrack as of late, a continuation of those Sebastian Fraye tracks that perfectly encapsulated daily life wherever you are. Skinshape really moved us with this track. We hope it does the same for you. If you didn’t know, you know now about this talented artist. This single is off the full length Filoxiny is out November 23rd. Stream the track, and order the forty five plus pre-order the long player after the stream. You won’t regret it.

Get the forty five here.

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