Andy Cooper feat The Allergies: Why You Buggin’!

Here’s a great throwback for anyone who loves that early rap/ Yo! MTV Raps vibe. Don’t front, you had the original white tee shirt and wore it proudly. You waited for records like this one to come into your television in video form, and when you finally figured out it was The Monkees sample with some tough ass, hard as nails drums along with that guitar, you did the running man in your room until you perfected it. Ok, it was us, but we digress. Flipping the script, frequent collaborators of the fast rap champion Andy Cooper, The Allergies give us their own take on the RUN DMC classic “Mary, Mary” with Cooper’s “Why You Buggin”. Like most of their previous collaborations (either digital or wax) the track is an upbeat slice of party time for you and yours. Staying true to the original record, it’s got some great Chubb Rock/ Big Daddy Kane “Go Go Go” shouts behind Cooper’s impeccable rap styles as The Allergies handle the also impeccable production (with on point and razor-sharp cuts that JMJ would be proud of). It’s feel-good, and perhaps today’s generation might find this a little bit of “Dad Rap” because it’s got that golden age vibe, but we will disagree completely. This is fun for the whole generation(s) and is a party rocker of the illest kinds. Shout out to The Allergies and AC for getting down on this one. The flip is Dr. Syntax’s “Downtime” (remixed by The Allergies) which rocks the spot as well. Listen to the track below and order the limited edition 45 after the stream.

Get the record here.

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