Monophonics – It’s Only Us

Monophonics recently released a forty-five to start the year off, and there is more good news ahead. Their full length It’s Only Us will be out on 3/13 via Colemine Records. If you have been a fan of Monophonics or if this is the first time you’re hearing Kelly Finnigan’s sweet, velvety vocals, there is no denying that the soul sounds coming from the Bay Area are strong. Bringing us back to the days when Sly was mixing in different genres and Roger Collins made soul funky, Monophonics use their own special blend of psychedelic soul to convey a beautiful message to the masses. Lp numero quatro since ’12 has definitely seen the band grow in a big way. Reflecting on broken relationships, mental health, power struggles, gun violence and the current state of the world, It’s Only Us is relatable to all of us. Monophonics music has gotten larger, and as the band grows as individuals, watering the seeds of their music as songwriters, musicians, and performers. so does the music put forth to us today. This title track is really one of the best records we have heard this year so far. Picking up where Michael Kiwanuka left off in the ’19, Monophonics hit all the feels here early in this new decade. Soothing horns and a subtle backbeat lead Finnegan’s voice to the meat of the sandwich, saying the words that we need to hear to lead us from our everyday problems and struggles to a place that makes us feel better. It is very true. It’s is only us, and when you’ve got Kelly Finnegan leading you to a better place with a track like this, it’s going to be all right. This is the Monophonics at their best, and this highly anticipated full-length is just what the world needs. Listen to the track below and pre-order after the jump.

Pre-ordre the record here.

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