PREMIERE: Beat Bronco Organ Trio – Beat Bronco

Rocafort Records coming back in a huge way with more goodness from the Spanish organ maestros Beat Bronco Organ Trio. Their new record Road Trip will be out via the label on February 28th, and this new track is a real treat. Already the song “Hey Hey” has been let out a little bit ago, and they’re streaming “Easy Baby” as well. But, “Beat Bronco” is premiering today from us, so get on your cowboy boots, some sturdy leather gloves, and hold on to your hats because you’re in for a wild ride. The song itself is a heavy, organ filled trip from start to finish. Along the way, we’ve got a heavy dose of drums and wah-wah guitar that move and groove like a bucking bronco at the rodeo. With so many organ moods on this record, we are feeling that this tinge of psych/ freak organ funk is just what the clown doctor from the rodeo ordered. You’ll need this after trying to stay on the musical horse of the dance floor for three-plus minutes of insanely good musicianship. Already in good company with Spanish funk bands like The Sweet Vandals, Speak Low and Mighty Vamp, Beat Bronco Organ Trio looks like they are going to take over the world with their special brand of funk. We’ve got the scoop for you here today. “Beat Bronco” is a far-out funky organ grinder’s trip. So get with it. We’re looking forward to the full length as well, you should too. Check out the track below and order the record after the stream. Rocafort Records on point once again.

Get the record here.

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