buscrates – Lost and Found

Hey yo! Today we have some extreme heat from the man they call buscrates. The Pittsburgh producer joins forces with the multi-talented Sally Green for his freshman release on the mighty Bastard Jazz and busts out of his funky corner swinging like Tyson in the early days (or him at present day, he’s still got it). “Lost and Found is some boogie filled electronic pop that simply has got it. With out of this world synths, tough guitar licks, a sweet bassline, and drums that make your shoulders and backside move, this is dancefloor fire as far as we are concerned. Is it the early eighties all over again? Are there some gheri curls swinging around to this track? You cot damn right it could be, but in 2020 we definitely are feeling this side from this duo. Sally Green has blessed some of our favorite dance floor friendly tracks in the last five years and bus has been moving from funk to hip hop to boogie effortlessly as well, carving out a nice niche for himself in this music industry. This one is a winner. But he’s not done, as the B-side is a winner as well. “Cruise Control” is an instrumental track that leans heavy on some G-funk sounds, tough-ass bass, plus heavy, heavy drums to help drive it all home. All in all, this is a double side of forty-five goodness that will be getting played frequently at parties all over the globe. Dig!

Get the record from Bastard Jazz here.

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