The M-Tet: Total Nonstop Action

What can we say about this Left Coast funk outfit that we haven’t said before? The M-Tet is a driving force and one of the keepers of the flame for funky music in the modern-day funk and soul scene, and since we’ve gotten their ever-reliable record Long Play in 2017, we’ve been wanting more and more. Their work ethic and attention to detail in the music have made them a favorite of funk champions the world over. So it’s no surprise that with Total Nonstop Action they have expanded on that funk to include some other areas of, well, nonstop aural action. Weaving in and out from blues funk, organ funk, experimental guitar rock (with a pinch of psych/ funk thrown in for good measure), the quartet of Joe Baer Magnant (Guitar), Gary Pitman (Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer), Chris Lujan (Fender Bass, Tambourine, Glockenspiel), and Michael Reed (Drums) have matured on this long-player for sure. The lead single is a telltale sign of that for sure. “Gotta Be With You”, a beautiful organ-driven burner of a funk tune with Reed’s drums giving us an opening drum break and a short break in the middle pair nicely with Joe Baer Magnant’s guitar licks. It’s vintage Stax beefed up and buffed to a beautiful shine. This record is a great example of a band grasping their sound, but not afraid at all to add more flavor (and doing it well we might add) to it. We’ve been down with this band from the beginning, and it’s great to see the direction they are moving into, the long career they’re going to have, and the joy on the faces of new and old M-Tet supporters everywhere as they dig on this new album. This is how a band turns one record into ten, as we see these cats evolving even more as time goes on. Listen to two tracks from the record and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the record here, available on March 12th.

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