Feeling This Friday: Young Gun Silver Fox – Kids

And now for something completely different….how about some Yacht Rock this Friday? Today is the official release of Young Gun Silver Fox’s new video for their track “Kids”, which is off of the new record Canyons. Shawn Lee and Andy Platts have been doing the West Coast/ London thing for a few records and the formula has been working out perfectly. In the past, they’ve gotten rave reviews, and well, this record is no different. This first single is taking us back, way back to the mid-’70’s and a strong Steely Dan vibe with whatever players were hanging around the studio during that time. It’s a playful, spot-on, breezy single that has a little funk of its own going on, ya dig? This one is perfect for driving on a hot Summer’s day with your convertible top down, Budweiser in your lap, hair blowing in the breeze and not giving any effs. It’s a carefree feel that this dynamic duo gives off on this single that we are definitely feeling. There is plenty of time for funky disco tracks any day of the week, but really, a track like this has to take priority today above anything else. This will make you walk with a bop with “carefree travels in every direction”, and that’s guaranteed. Why not slide into the weekend with Young Gun Silver Fox and no matter where you are, head for the simple life? Check out the spanking brand new video directed & produced by George Moore and starring: Brooklyn Appiah and Imani Ogunlabi. This one will get stuck in your head.

Check out YGSF Netherlands Tour Dates:

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