NEW MIX ALERT: Jazzy Joints

It’s been a minute since I’ve put together a mix. There’s been a lot of personal stuff going on and I haven’t really got the chance to make one. Making mixes, to me, is the ultimate expression as a DJ. I have so much respect for all the DJs I grew up on listening, the massive amount of quality mixtapes they’ve put out, and when I started DJing (and more specifically Flea market Funk), I wanted to be able to put mixes together that were from my soul; mixes that I felt strongly about. I also wanted to do these mixes live and in one take. Because you never get the chance to do it over again live. The graphic was inspired from a pack of ’70’s rolling papers, so grab your smoke of choice and enjoy it.

Being stuck inside can have some upsides. When you are stuck inside with a room full of records, it does not feel so bad, and the creative juices start to flow. Here are A Baker’s Dozen + 1 tracks from original vinyl records for you to get through your Sunday and whatever the future has in store for us. This was recorded all at one time and in one take. Ranging from funkier jazz, instrumental hip hop beats, John Coltrane vocal covers, and acid jazz, Jazzy joints keeps a positive outlook and will have your head nodding for sure. This is a vehicle for expression and relieving the tension in your life, so play it loud and often.

Jazzy Joints Track List:

Intro: Vehicle To Expression
An Explore.1 – Pools With Living Things
Primal Dap – Harp
Archie Whitewater – Cross Country
Guru feat. Lonnie Liston Smith – Down The Backstreets (Instrumental)
Sound Providers – Yes, Yes Y’all (Instrumental)
Jack McDuff – Magnetic Fields
DJ Cam – Innervisions
Greyboy feat. Karl Denson – Unwind Your Mind
De La Soul – Ego Trippin’ Part Three – (Egoristic Instrumental)
Buddy Terry – Inner Peace
Eugene McDaniels – Lovin’ Man
Push – Escape
Ahmad Jamal – Jet
Robohands – Lament
Doug & Jean Carn – Namia
Outro: Jazz Is

Listen to the mix here:

More info on my mixcloud page.

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