Chairman Maf – Dusted

There’s a lot going on in the world today. No matter what you feel about this state of the global pandemic, here’s something you can do that will surely brighten up your day: Listen to music. If your gigs are canceled, your job has you working at home, the club is closed, a curfew is imposed by your city for nightlife (it has been done here in Jersey City), this is a perfect time to pull out some audio friends, old or new. We’d suggest this new project from Sheffield, UK based Chairman Maf. This cat has steadily been dropping HEAT for a minute, so if you’re not up to speed on what he’s doing, feel free to start with his new project Dusted. This four-tracker has just what you need to escape. From the opener “Walk With Me”, vibes and choral stabs making your body move over heavy as boulder drums to the completely dusted out “Getting High”, with its alluring sax and feel-good beats, the Chairman surely does not disappoint at all. But he’s not done, and the trip keeps on moving. “Somehow”, with the soothing voice of Kay Robinson, is a calming track for your body and mind. If you feel like music can heal, then this is the track that will heal your hurt soul. It’s dreamy, and for us, it instantly makes us feel better. That’s the power of Chairman Maf. Closing the EP with a track called ‘Still Water”, he gives some sage advice with flute and drums to all the people out there (whether you know it or not) on how to deal with problems around you. This EP couldn’t have come at a better time. So if you’re stuck inside, stuck driving, or just plain confused, let the Chairman take you away for a spell. Stream it below and purchase after the stream.

Get the project here.

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