The Dell-Hi’s: So Follows The Dance

More heat out of the Happy As A Lark camp out of The Windy City once again. With a knack for slanging vintage reggae music in the modern-day, they’ve always got something cooking like a proper Ackee and Saltfish washed down with a Ting or some good Jamaican rum (or both, mixed). The best part about the label is that they will also pair reggae legends with a new crop of reggae musicians, and when they put Lone Ranger with Renaldo Domino last year, that solidified them as truly one of our favorite modern reggae labels around. That being said, they’ve got some new music out. This time it’s Brookly based rocksteady trio The Dell-Hi’s and their debut EP So Follows The Dance. This celebration of the sounds and rhythms of rocksteady music features some of the top reggae musicians in Kings County. Inspired by the traditional Jamaican music of the 1960s and 1970s, they have been associated with such musical forces as The Far East, the Full Watts, Coldspot 8, The Pinstripes, Brooklyn Attractors, The Junior Brothers, Jammyland All-Stars, King Django, Eastside Combo, Uzimon and more. Featuring Billy Aukstik (Trumpet; what isn’t this cat on!), Steve Capecci (Bass), Phil Coope (Trombone), Matt Kursmar (Guitar), Mike Majette-Torres (Percussion), Anant Pradha (Tenor Sax, Wood Flute) and Casey Weissbuch (Drums), it also features a trio of vocalists: Tim Schletter (also on Keys, Tenor Sax), Monica VanderWyde, John Pint, and Daniel Frith. These eight songs are featured on a 10″ disc and are put in a Jamaican disco style: a single riddim with three versions across the side seamlessly blended. This lends itself perfectly for working DJs who need to take a break or at home listening as well. A superb offering from HAAL and an even better addition to your record collection. Listen to the record below and order after the stream.

Get the record here.

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