DJ Platurn & Edgewize – Apatheater EP

When a new project from Bay Area veteran and legend DJ Platurn coms across the Flea Market Funk airwaves, we all stand up and take notice. Platurn has been holding it down on the Left Coast with the exclusive mixtapes, 45 Session and DJ nights, and a variety of dope remixes for quite some time. But let’s not forget the man has dope production as well, and his new project with young spitter Edgewize is raising eyebrows. Edgewize is also from the Bay, and with hints of young Hove from the flow mixed in with that nineties Bay Area steez, we’ve got a winner on all fronts here. The Apatheater EP is not only well produced by Platurn, who digs deep into his arsenal to come up with the right stuff to rap over, the foundation for any emcee to get busy on, but easy on the ears as rap EPs go. This is definitely one of the best projects we have heard here in 2020, some backpack rap that for sure is not wack and rises above all the trap crap we get force-fed. See what we did there? Don’t just take it from us, hear it in the words of Edgewize: “The next phenom/ a step beyond/ you better be on/ your best behavior when he on.” This is minimal, lo-fi rap at it’s finest, with lyrics you should pay attention to. If you are a fan of Aesop Rock, Qwel, Atmosphere, MF Doom, and the like, then this EP is for you. This limited edition cassette (fifty people, so scoop it up) will be put out on Needle To The Groove and ships out around April 18th. Listen to all five tracks below and pre-order after the stream.

Get the cassette here,

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