Torb The Roach & Floppy McSpace: Tape Echo – Gold Floppies

Here’s one to file under absolutely dope. We’ve got the meeting of two genuis minds here: Torb the Roach and Floppy McSpace joining forces together like Voltron and cooking up some marvelous shit in this all-instrumental debut on King Underground. Inspired by Norwegian nature sounds and scenes plus Ultraman, these two cook up a batch of lo-fi boom-bap and heavy beats and tracks via the SP1200/S950 combo as well as Roland 201 Space Echo. The result? Nine tracks of fantastic atmospheric drums and neck-snapping treats that will delight instrumental hip hop champs and beat tape magnificos all over. These two are a match made in heaven, and Torb’s love of obscure, world funk and the arrest of rare grooves from places like Thailand, Japan, India, and China were put to good use. It’s a definite headphone album, so be prepared to self isolate, social distance, and walk through your local nature sanctuary or woods with this one. We are feeling this big time.

They’ve also made a short film about the making of the album:

So with this one you not only get the nine dope, dusty beats that will surely make you bug out, but you also get the short film as well to go into the minds and creative process that’s gone into the making of this record. You can not help but to appreciate and congratulate the work that went into this lo-fi masterpiece, which will be spinning here at the lab for quite some time. Check out the album below, and order on the King Underground label. It pays to dig deep because this one’s a keeper. Floppy McSpace for world president. Stay safe out there and long live music and artists doing their thing just like these two. The little guys win again.

Get it here.

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