Feeling This Friday NYCT – Futureshock Vol. 1

Ok people, it’s Friday. Your local record store is shuttered. Vinyl record plants are halted for the moment. But guess what? The music doesn’t not stop, not one bit. Especially with the chaps over at NYC Trust, Monk One and E’s E have dug deep in their vaults to bring out some projects that have not seen the light of day until now. Normally, this would be pressed up on vinyl, the analog way you are so used to getting from this finely oiled machine out of Nueva York. You’ve gotten used to playing your favorite, new, NYC Trust releases on your turntable and at your DJ gigs. With this new climate, you’ll have to just take the digital versions for now until the plants get back up to speed. It’s the music that counts, and they’ve brought out releases from Ralph Weeks, The Far East, Greenwood Rhythm Coalition (one of our faves), Niño Lento es Fuego, Prince of Queens, and Airships to have you bobbing and weaving wherever you are. Running the gamut from straight-up ’80s latin sounds to experimental tropical vibes, heavy on the synths and chunky, we are definitely feeling this on a Friday. But it doesn’t have to be that way, you can feel it on any day. NYC Trust is really the go-to label for music like this. Blending a bit of the old with the new, but keeping those grooves alive in whatever space they’re at, the future is definitely shocking and they are the soundtrack to NYC in these times is this label. Listen to the six tracks below for now, and hold tight because more volumes are on the way. Buy the project after the stream, and don’t forget to support independent labels when you can.

Get the project here.

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