The Drawbars – The Question

The organ trio never went away my friends. For those who say that jazz has gone away too, well you couldn’t be more off base. We’ve been talking about the organ for more than a dozen years (13 and counting to be exact). This site started off with an organ review (Brother Jack McDuff) and has continued to champion the sound since then. Today, we get deep into the jazz organ once again with Hamburg, Germany’s The Drawbars and their scorching, two-sider of a forty five. “The Question” is an upbeat burner of jazz-funk, The marriage of a heavy backbeat and the organ go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Smooth and creamy, this one needs no long description. It smokes. Yes, we said it. It smokes, and is as effective on a dance floor aka dancefloor jazz as it is just cruising around listening in your headphones. The flip is where the band’s self-description of “Off Jazz” comes more into play. “For Thor” is a psychedelic jazz special. Still upbeat, with a far-out organ and backbeat that a guy like Andy Votel could get into. It freaks out, calms down, then freaks out again. It even, to us, has a little bit of Middle Eastern influence to it, which just adds to the mystique in our humble opinion. Both tracks contain some good jazz improvisation as well, and if you’re a funk or jazz head, this record sits great up on the shelf next to bands like The White Blind, Beat Bronco Organ Trio, or The M-Tet. If you like your jazz filled with heavy drums and a funky organ, this one’s for you. Limited to 100 pieces from Burning Sole Records out of Basel, Switzerland, so jump on it. Listen to both tracks and order the record after the stream.

Order the record here.

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