Joey Quiñones – The World I Know

Mango Hill come through like a breeze on a sunny day with this single from silky soul crooner Joey Quiñones entitled “The World I Know”. You see, a label like Mango Hill is nestling itself nicely into the funk and soul world these days. Picking up where a guy like Henry Stone left off with his musical record dynasty, the label is steady churning out some really great records that will set your world on fire in many ways. “The World I Know” is such an example. The hit A side for the low rider/ cholo set and this souldies slow burner is a nice touch for a Sunday afternoon, socially distanced ride in the park, barbecue, or a mid-afternoon slow dance with your best partner. While this track, as well as the flip, “Left With A Broken Heart”, are some sweet, but sad soul, there are real-life soothing components to each of the sides. If you are not down with this Latin soul one-two combination of punches, you need to step back, turn the radio off, and take ten minutes to listen to these tracks. The playing is superb, the harmonizing second to none, and the feeling you get while listening to these tracks are truly amazing. This is music people. Not just soul music, but real deal you can feel music. The record is out on April 25th, so get your hands on the limited copies coming out of Miami while you can. Listen to both tracks and pre-order the record after the stream. Mango Hill Records are their name. Please don’t sleep.

Pre-order the record here.

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