El Michels Affair – Rubix

Sitting here writing this morning with a view of the New York City skyline (the opposite view from EMA’s early Lp Sounding Out The City, coincidentally) , I can only think back to how much their sound has become synonymous with the every day movements of NYC. A backdrop for daily life if we would never speak again. A transition from house to house, street to street, borough to borough. On their latest release Adult Themes, they’ve taken their instrumental funk to new levels, breaking through to a bonafide cinematic soul and orchestral level. But let’s face it, they were heading in that direction all along. The band’s story and leadership from the mad scientist of sound Leon Michels have gone from funky trips to being sampled by major artists like Jay Z, Beyonce, Travis Scott and more. Wu-Tang Clan would not have asked EMA to back them on tour if they were not capable. In fact, they were more than capable. Leon has also put his Midas touch on artists like Adele, Lana Del Rey, Aloe Blacc, Dr. John, and more. You’ve heard his signature sound and not even known it. But if you follow closely, the co-founder of Big Crown, the latest record powerhouse that is churning out hit after hit in a variety of different genres, you’ll hear it there too. His productions have always had that David Axelrod/ / Francois de Roubaix quality to them. Those are big shoes to fill, but as we hear on Adult Themes, these shoes are fitting pretty nice on Michels. This soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t even been made yet is perfect for the new chapter of the El Michels Affair. There are three songs they’ve let the public hear, but we’ve chosen “Rubix”, a heavily orchestrated, moody, and cinematic soul track that could easily fill up the background of a film in a heartbeat. The string work that then is shown the light via the heavy EMA drums and horn work along with a highlighted bass part that is just incredible. For those that know and appreciate music, this could be some of their best work yet. For those who have been living in the dark, you’re for sure missing out on some of the best music of our generation. In other words, track back and catch up. Michels and company have quietly put together a musical dynasty and legacy that will have future producers taking their influence as they mature and move to the next level of their careers. Deep, but not really. Inevitable. These are adult themes you know. Stream the tracks below, and pre-order the LP, out May 8th.

Pre-order the record here.

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