Boulaone: The Budos vs. Hip Hop

We’ve heard Mos Def and dub, Wu-Tang and the Beatles, Jay-Z and Metallica (ok The Beatles too), Fela and De La, JB and Biggie, etc. Should we go on? As we proceed, to give you what you need for your ears, we’ve got an interesting project from French DJ/ producer Boulaone to start your week off right. It’s a combination of two things that we all love: the Budos Band and Hip Hop. The Budos have been lighting up stages and turntables all over the world with their special brand of deep funk, afro grooves, and psychedelic sounds. It’s only fitting that their riffs and breaks were sampled by Boulaone and along with some classic hip hop acapellas to contribute to the birth of Budos vs. Hip Hop. This album was originally made for Represent, a Jamel Shabazz Retrospective, but now has been shared with the masses via bandcamp. What’s interesting about this project is not just the choice of hip hop acapellas used (not your average bag, which keeps it interesting), but that the tunes sampled from the Budos really brings the listener back to their discography and confirms how truly talented they really are. Their groove is undeniable, and Boulaone really grabs the best of what they have to offer from their storied career to enhance this special project. Along with the music, you’ve got interview snippets, vocal samples, and etc. interspersed with the music itself which is definitely an interesting addition to the recipe. Another great point is that all of this project’s proceeds go to hospitals, which we can get behind 100%. Stream the project below and pay what you can, the money goes to a good cause.

Get the project here.

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