J.Robinson WhoDemSound Meets El Indio – Roadblock!

Starting off the week right feeling all kids of these vibes from Who Dem Sound and J. Robinson. He meets celebrated singer El Indio in a dub style on this big tune of a 12″ called “Roadblock!”. Robinson puts together a serious Digi-dub riddim track with El Indio laying down some soulful vocals. It’s a haunting movement that we are definitely behind at the moment. Along with the original, there are two dubs of the track on this twelve. Both are excellent, hitting hard and feeling really good in the ears. The first, “Road Dub 1”, is ripe with piano stabs and lots of delay (for days). A head-nodder that could require you to bring the chalice out to, we like what Robinson has done on this dub. The second, “Road Dub 2″, is probably our fave cut on the record. Super outer space vibes coming straight from the deepest, darkest regions of the solar system and broadcast live from the UK. In a world where unique, and authentic music is really hard to come by, J.Robinson and WhoDemSound are putting out real reggae for the masses. If you are moved by this record, check out their back catalog for even more treats. Bass heavy, and great for a headphone vibe, there’s so many different things to choose from in the discography, one can get lost in all that bass. Check out all three tracks below fro their Bandcamp page, you can also order this superb 12” after the stream. Reggae music wins again.

Get the record here.

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