The NCY Milky Band – Our Gurus

Here’s one that may have slipped through your grasp or flew under the radar with everything that is going on today. The NCY Band and Our Gurus on Black Milk Music give us the audio and video tracks that were compiled from the sessions that paid tribute to musicians that have inspired them, Quite simply, it’s fantastic. This French, rare groove outfit, bring back the sounds of Bernard Estardy, Janko Nilovic, Georges Garvarentz, Alain Mion from Cortex, Jean-Claude Vannier, Nino Nardini, and Roger Roger, among others, mostly unknown maestros who made music in the 1970s that was so important. Music that had substance and longevity that was not recognized by a lot of the public. Taking tracks by Gainsbourg, Madlib, Boards of Canada, and Archie Bell and the Drells, covering their music and doing it in their own way, definitely stands out with a giant exclamation point. They bring out the best in this music from the past, breathe new life into it, and tribute/ promote these beautiful artists of a time gone by via this series. We’d like to think of this music as a sleeping giant that the band has awakened to roam all over the globe. While some of these artists would draw puzzled faces from a good portion of the music listening public, those who are deep into music and vinyl record culture hold these records and artists near and dear to our ears and turntables. Have a listen to the streaming link below, and if the music moves you (it will, for sure), check out the link for more info after. This music from these original artists, who moved The NCY Milky Band to tribute and cover them will live on forever, moving and inspiring future generations of artists.

Get the project here.

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