Flammer Dance Band – Mer b/w Holder Rytme

Man, do we need music these days. We don’t know about all of you reading this, but quite honestly, music has been saving our lives every single day. Whether it’s an Archie Shepp record, some Planty Herbs goodness, or watching House Shoes just crush it with records or discs full of beats on the MPC, it has done wonders for our emotional well being and attitude when things get overwhelming. Well, thanks to the good people over at Lykesrekk Records, the streak of feeling good via new music just keeps going on and on. They’ve returned with a brand new record from the Flammer Dance Band, and it’s two sides of gritty, hard-hitting sounds. If you are not familiar with the Flammer Dance Band, then get on board because this one is a stone-cold groove baby. Throwing out some serious garage funk vibes “Mer” is loaded with heavy percussion, chants, and when the groove finally kicks in, it’s tough as nails. Raw and uncut, this is a track we absolutely need in our lives right now. It could’ve been done in the early seventies in West Africa, but it’s done right here in the present in Finland. This is what we’re talking about. Don’t sleep on this. The flip, “Holder Rytme” adds in some lo-fi, spooky organ and beefs up the percussion so the dance party can continue with more horns than you can charm a snake with. The B-side wins again and Flammer Band continue to really grab you by the legs and have you moving from start to finish. Listen to the track below, and go to the link to listen to side B.

Get the record here.

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