Napoleon Demps – Norma Jean

The latest and greatest coming out of the Daptone camp is Napoleon Demps. Hailing from Flint. Michigan, this hellcat is a dynamite soul singer with a voice that leaves an immediate impression. A long time Daptone fan, Demps would connect with the label at a Dap-King soundcheck for a rendition (impromptu at that) of “A Change Is Gonna Come”. One to recognize real talent, Boscoe Mann, impressed by the vocalist would go on the bring Demps out to sunny California and Penrose Studios to cut this very single. With influences like OV Wright, Sam Cooke, and Willie Hutch, among others, this debut on the label for Demps is a cracker. Mixing up a Detroit/ Chi-town sound with a heavy backbeat, chunky horns, and Demps silky, Al Green like wailing, this is a funky soul groove that can not be contained. So whether it’s singing Sam Cooke at soundcheck with present-day soul luminaries, grinding out the Chitlin’ Circuit at age 24, or tearing it up behind the microphone for one of the most well-known funk and soul labels on earth, Napoleon Demps is here to stay. With one track, and mark our word, he’s going to carry the torch of this label for years to come. You can hear the realness in his voice, the spirits of Sharon and Charles, looking down and smiling, knowing that the house that they built is going to be in good hands. We can feel it, Napoleon Demps is here to stay. What a powerful debut for the label. Listen to the track below.

Get the track here.

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