Kamaal Williams – One More Time

For those fans of the completely fantastic duo Yussef Kamaal and the equally solo effort by Kamaal Williams (whether it be the music, the DJ gigs, etc.), we’re definitely “well chuffed” as someone in London might say to hear this new track from the man himself. Wu-Hen, a name his grandmother gave Williams as a small boy, refers to his family’s lineage ties to the Wu Dynasty but also points to his current mission of spirituality today. The music on the record channels everyone from Coltrane to Lonnie Liston Smith to Herbie Hancock, with Williams adding with his own flavors that spice up this musical stew. The players involved on this record are really an all-star cast of luminaries that includes Rick Leon James (bass), Greg Paul of Kalyst Collective (drums), Quinn Mason (saxophone), Alina Bzhezhinska (harp), and the ever-talented Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (Dr, Dre, Ray Charles, Flying Lotus, Mary J. Blige, and Seu Jorge, among others), who contributes his signature string sound to this release. Atwood-Fergueson adds another layer to the sound, channeling the great David Axelrod with his contribution and taking this project to even greater heights. The first sample we get of the record is “One More Time”, an upbeat percussive thunderstorm that could easily fit in a Guy Ritchie film, moving fast from start to finish and complete with a sax part that is aces. We quite like the ebb and flow of the track, because as its journey nears the end, out it starts to smooth over before it disappears completely. The listener feels everything from funk to jazz to grime to garage when listening to this track, an important injection of sounds that one simply does not want to escape. It’s definitely a big release, and July can’t come quick enough for the full length for obvious reasons.

Check out the track “One More Time” below, which releases on July 24th.

Pre-order the record here.

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