Blair French – Faded By The Sun b/w Celebration Ritual

Coming off the upcoming The Art Of Us full-length record on Rocksteady Disco, Blair French drops this gem of a 12″ for you to social distance dance to. Hopefully not for too long because this thing is a monster. We’d rather be dancing with someone rather than ourselves, and this slice of afro cosmic house is just what Doctor French ordered. What’s great is that this is actually the first instrumental Lp that French has released in his twenty-five-year storied career. So that being said, he’s enlisted some of his nearest and dearest music people to get together and make everyone move. “Faded By The Sun”, the A-side, has a great build-up and then never looks back at all. With chants, guitar, and a pounding backbeat that is sure to get people sweaty from start to finish, we’re feeling this track big time. Throw in some cosmic dust and you’ve got an anthem for the summer that will have to remain eternal with this song. Who knows when we’ll get to dance again properly? The flip, “Celebration Ritual” has your hands in the air from the very beginning. Winding you up like a tightly wound top and then releasing the groove to make you move. Two sides of solid, peak hour dance floor business that should be a must for your record box. What we love about this music is that it gets you right in the proper headspace: a feeling of being free, and freedom itself. Along with this track he’s releasing a twenty-minute art film to accompany The Art Of Us full length expected to drop in September. But for now, we’ve got this twelve to hold us over.

Get the record here.

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